Congratulations !!!

[ women’s day giveaway ] Winner Announcement

Congratulations for being chosen as our women’s day giveaway Winners!

Here’s some simple details would need your kind assistance to provide us for further actions.

Winner’s List

  1. marywong570
  2. skeengeeks
  3. sinping96
  4. caronchai
  5. changsunmay
  7. isahkamaro
  8. hanasan0219
  9. zullyka_94
  10. iykyk_augustqueen

11. eveahmad_

12. aiyraaiman_ii

13. sunnnyy_____

14. fongsy88

15. mrs_iyra97

16. ericaaa_kuan

17. supaaara

18. hanajjohana

19. _kristen.y_

20. perssayshi

    Terms & Conditions apply:

    1. Participation in the contest constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
    2. Campaign open to all Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia.
    3. Each winner will only be entitled to one (1) prize.
    4. MGI Wellness reserves the right of any changes with the T&Cs without prior notice.
    5. All prizes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash.
    6. The company will not take any responsibility for any lost or damage caused by negligence and poor handling of the goods by receiver.
    7. Results to be announced within 5 (five) days after campaign end and the company will contact each winner via pm/dm with our official account.
    8. MGI Wellness reserves the right of any changes of the winner list and terms & conditions if there shall be no respond from the particular winner within 3 days or violated any T&C above-mentioned.
    9. Participation in the campaign constitutes acceptance of completing all steps required above-mentioned.
    10. MGI Wellness is not responsible for any wrong information provided by participants.