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4 Incredible Benefits of Perilla Seed Extract to Allergies You Never Realized

Perilla frutescens, commonly called Perilla, is a green or purple annual herb, with a distinctive aroma and taste. It is an edible and aromatic plant with a long history of culinary and traditional medicinal use. Perilla has been cultivated in Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. Perilla seeds from perilla are traditionally used as spices and to make medicine. It has been traditionally used to promote healthy respiratory and immune function.(1)

The seeds are rich in dietary fiber, calciumiron, vitamin C and protein. Perilla seed extract contains antioxidative flavonoids as aglycons.(1)  The flavonoid aglycones include polyphenols such as luteolin, quercetin,  apigenin, chrysoeriol, and rosemarinic acid that possess anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties.


  • Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Studies have shown that perilla seed polyphenols regulate allergic and inflammatory response due to its 5-lipoxygenase (promote inflammation) inhibitory activity and suppression of histamine release from mast cells.(2)


  • Anti-Allergic Effect

High level of serum Immunoglobulin E  (IgE) can be a sign that the body overreacts to allergens and this can lead to an allergic reaction. Studies showed that serum IgE levels were suppressed by administration of perilla seed extract, and allergic rhinitis, hay fever and urticaria were significantly improved on humans.(2)


Some incredible benefits of perilla seed extract include:


  • Great for Skin Allergies (Eczema, Urticaria, Contact Dermatitis)

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and antibacterial properties of perilla seeds extract are good for healing skin rashes. Evidence showed perilla seed extract effectively reduce recurrent skin allergy reaction and calm the skin allergy symptoms like redness, itching and swelling.(3)


  • Reduced Sinus Allergy Signs and Symptoms

Anti-histamine property reduces itchy and watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing due to sinusitis. Studies have shown the inhibitory efficacy of perilla seeds on histamine release is way stronger than that of sodium cromoglycate (anti-allergy medicine).(3)  


  • Great for Asthma, Allergies and Bronchitis

Quercetin, rosmarinic acid and luteolin from perilla seed extract are great for healing the respiratory tract and give relaxant action to the smooth muscles of the trachea. Research found that consumption of perilla seed extract (100-150mg/day) on patient with allergy for two weeks are proven to reduce allergic symptoms like sneezing, stuffed nose and blow nose.(3)


  • Increase Immunity

Phenolic compounds in perilla seeds have been recognized to trigger the protective defenses of the immune system to “interfere” with viral replication by protecting cells from virus infections.





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