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Poll: What are the most irritating allergy symptoms you have?

Allergies may ruin your days and special plans, and if you’re looking to relieve or prevent allergy symptoms, here are some actions you can take right now, as well as some more permanent changes you can make.


Daily Care

  1. Control allergen exposure around your home

Allergens like pollen and dust mites are often found surrounding our home, you may consider using an air filter and vacuum regularly to minimize our exposure to the allergen. Use an air filter and change your filters regularly to remove particulate matter from the air, like pieces of pollen and dust mites.


  1. Keep yourself refreshed, avoid direct contact to allergens

Keep in mind that when you come into contact with allergens, they can attach to your clothes, skin and hair. You are recommended to take a shower and change to clothes often to avoid allergens stay. And of course minimize your chance of direct contact to allergens.


  1. Switch to unscented products

Certain scented products like scented shower gel, shampoo or perfume may induce allergy symptoms. Once you find the culprit, discontinue use and make a concerted effort to use unscented personal hygiene products.


  1. Wear a mask

You may experience allergy symptoms due to chemical sensitivity. Wear a mask before using cleaning products or paint during cleaning or doing yard works to reduce allergen exposure.


  1. Consider laundry changes

Wash your bedding, stuffed toys and clothes often with fragrance-free & dye-free liquid detergent


  1. Consider diet changes

Adding certain foods to your diet may help in relieving symptoms like nose-dripping and eye-watering.

Foods like turmeric, oily fish such as salmon that contained omega-3 fatty acids, and onion which contained quercetin are the list that you could consider adding to your grocery cart for your daily diet intake.


  1. Choose your allergic relief supplement wisely

Read and study the ingredients wisely before you intake any supplements that claimed to relieve allergic symptoms. You may refer to scientifically proven ingredients like Quercetin, Bromelian, Perilla Seed Extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


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