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Are Allergies Controlling Your Life?

What Is An Allergy? How often do you suffer from an annoying sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, or rashes on your skin? The common cold shares many similar symptoms, however, what goes unnoticed very often is the underlying allergy. An allergy is an immune system response to a foreign substance . These foreign substances are called allergens. Many

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All You Need To Know About Child’s Immune System

During this pandemic, it is natural for parents to be concerned about their child’s immunity. A recent nationwide survey titled #ImmunityMatters, revealed that 96% of parents have concerns about their child’s health in the light of COVID-19. It is important to lay the building blocks for a good immune system in the first five years

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The Immune System’s Fight Against COVID-19

In 2020, a significant threat to public health emerged. This COVID-19 pandemic has affected thousands of peoples, who are either sick or are being killed due to the spread of this disease. According to Worldometers data, there are more than 100.83 million confirmed cases worldwide and 2.16 million deaths. While in Malaysia, total covid-19 confirmed cases has surpassed the 200,000-mark and


Protect Your Liver And It Will Protect You

Liver: The Gatekeeper To Good Health  The liver is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of the belly. It is the heaviest organ in the body. Our liver is working hard for 24/7 as it performs over 500 vital functions including digestion, metabolism, detoxification, immunity, protein synthesis and the storage of nutrients

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Signs Your Body Needs Detox

1. Time to detox What a good detox session does is purify the body from any infections, impurities. Our natural detox system is in place but sometimes, when facing stress, the system can slow down and that is when you need to take small steps to slow down, eat healthily and indulge in yoga to

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Healthy Tips For Healthy Digestion!

Your digestive system breaks down the foods you eat into the nutrients your body needs. If you neglect your digestive health, your body could run into problems absorbing those essential nutrients. The foods you eat and the lifestyle you live have a direct impact on your digestive health. Taking steps to improve your digestive health


Dietary Fiber: Why Do We Need It?

When do you think of fiber as exciting? Yeah, that would be never. But this research will help change your mind. Eating more fiber delivers a slew of health benefits. Here are 10 health benefits of fiber to encourage you get your fill. Plus, here are 10 foods with more fiber than an apple to